Presently, the Plough Foundation awards grants quarterly to nonprofit organizations in Memphis and Shelby County.  The Foundation will conclude its regular, quarterly grantmaking activities following the November 2019 Board Meeting.  Then, as shared in the Notice to the Community, the Foundation’s remaining assets will be granted to local nonprofit organizations within the next four years. The Foundation will share information on future grantmaking by spring 2020; the website will be updated with new information as it becomes available.
The Foundation will continue to utilize its 2-stage grantmaking process for the November 2019 meeting.
For consideration at the November 2019 meeting, organizations may submit a Concept Letter no later than September 15, 2019.
Below are answers to common questions regarding eligibility.  For more extensive information on the application process, please click here.

Does my organization qualify to submit a Concept Letter?

The Plough Foundation awards grants to 501c3 nonprofit organizations that directly serve the citizens of Memphis and Shelby County.

What types of grants are made?

The Plough Foundation recognizes there are many pressing social and economic issues facing Memphis and Shelby County. Our grant-making reflects those needs as well as concentrates resources in areas of special interest, selected periodically by our Trustees. We recognize that the needs of our community are constantly shifting, so the Foundation maintains the flexibility to respond to those changes.

Is there a minimum or maximum dollar amount an organization can request?

We do not have official financial limits for what an organization can request.    

Can I submit a request if I have an active grant with the Plough Foundation (e.g. a grant with outstanding payments or for a capital project that is not complete)?

No. We maintain our longstanding policy that an organization cannot have two active grants at the same time. 

Are there types of requests that will not be considered? 

The Plough Foundation does not award grants for annual fund drives, dinners, galas, one-time events, conferences, or seminars.                               

Can I speak with a staff member prior to submitting a Concept Letter?

Yes. Staff is always happy to provide guidance as to whether or not a request fits within the Foundation’s grantmaking guidelines. Staff cannot, however, give direction on request amount or predict whether or not a particular project will receive funding.